Boom Mounted Mulchers GDX

Are you looking for a reliable solution for shredding trees and branches? Discover GDX – an innovative mulcher that changes the game in the forestry industry. Designed for working with trees and branches up to 30 centimeters in diameter, the GDX125 is a synonym for efficiency and durability, without the need to invest in expensive carbide knives.

Why is GDX125 Your Choice in Forest Shredding?

  • Powerful Rexroth Engine: Equipped with a Rexroth piston engine with variable capacity up to 115cc, the GDX125 provides unmatched performance and consistent power.
  • Durable Kevlar® Drive Belt from Gates: Ensures long-lasting operation and reliability even in the toughest forest conditions.
  • Innovation and Practicality: The ability to sharpen blades with a grinder in the field significantly increases work efficiency.

Advanced Features for Professionals:

  • Enhanced Engine Performance: Our Rexroth engine minimizes overheating and maximizes re-acceleration, translating into longer and more efficient work.
  • Higher Drive Durability: The Gates Kevlar® belt guarantees durability that meets even the greatest challenges of forest work.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: GDX125 is not just about power, but also about meeting the specific requirements of forestry professionals.

GDX125 – Polish Quality, Global Standards: We are proud that GDX125 is a Polish product that sets new standards in the forestry industry. We respect the competition, but always strive to be one step ahead. GDX125 is our answer to the needs of nature and professionals – more power, greater durability, and reliability.

Join the Revolution in Forest Shredding!

Are you ready to elevate your forest work? Choose GDX125 and experience the difference that true innovation can bring. Learn more on our blog and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest news and offers.

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Working Width 121 cm
Required Working Pressure 280-400 bar
Required Flow 170-400 l/min
Branches Chipping up to 25 cm
Machine Weight 1010 kg


Working Width 145 cm
Required Working Pressure 300-500 bar
Required Flow 220-450 l/min
Branches Chipping up to 40 cm
Machine Weight 1520 kg