Tractor heavy flail mower KC

Discover the Cutting-Edge Flail Mower: A Revolution in Agricultural Machinery

Our flail mower is the latest innovation in the agricultural machinery market. Designed with professional farmers in mind, it offers unparalleled quality and mowing efficiency. Thanks to its robust construction, the flail mower ensures precise grass-cutting, branch shredding, and post-harvest residue management.

Our Polish-made flail mower is perfect for both orchard and agricultural work. The high-power gearboxes make it an excellent choice even for older tractor models. Its supporting 4 bearing roller, with a diameter of over 193 mm, ensures smooth operation without jolts, and the maintenance-free version eliminates daily servicing tasks. We offer flail mowers in various working widths, tailored to the needs of orchard and agricultural applications. Our flail mower is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and durability.

Additional Options for Demanding Customers:

  • Hydraulic Shift 0.4 – providing greater precision and flexibility in operation.
  • Openable Rear Cover – facilitating access to internal components of the machine, speeding up service and maintenance processes.

Choosing our flail mower ensures a high-quality and reliable product. It’s the key to efficient and economical management of your farm. Discover why flail mowers are so highly regarded among farmers! It’s important to note that our mower is a completely Polish product. In this segment of machinery, even names that sound Polish are often not Polish flail mowers, but rather of far Asian origin.



Weight [kg] 500
Working Width [m] 1.4


Weight [kg] 530
Working Width [m] 1.6


Weight [kg] 560
Working Width [m] 1.8


Weight [kg] 600
Working Width [m] 2.0


Weight [kg] 620
Working Width [m] 2,2


Weight [kg] 640
Working Width [m] 2,4