Advanced long-range Power Arms KR POWER series

In the municipal machinery industry, the KR reach arm mower from Rolmex stands out as a unique device that significantly enhances work efficiency. This reach arm, valued for its versatile application, is an ideal solution for those seeking reliability and precision.

Versatility and Advanced Technology of the KR Reach Arm Mower

The KR reach arm mower, mounted on the rear three-point linkage of a tractor, is available in three variants with a reach from 5.0 m to 6.5 m. This advanced device enables not only mowing and trimming vegetation but also maintaining cleanliness in green and roadside spaces.

Comfort and Efficiency with the KR Reach Arm Mower

The KR reach arm mower offers several advantages that ensure user comfort and high efficiency:

  • A design that ensures easy maneuvering and collision-free passage.
  • An independent hydraulic system with a cooler and a pump capable of up to 130 l/min.
  • Diverse control options, including electro-proportional (EP) for precise control.

Broad Application of the KR Reach Arm Mower

The KR reach arm mower is used in various sectors, from mowing roadside grass to trimming trees and maintaining cleanliness. Equipped with special tools like branch trimmers, it is indispensable in maintaining order in public areas. We offer full installation capabilities for all working heads provided by ROLMEX.

KR-520/KR-600: Reach Arm Mower for Professionals

The KR-520/KR-600 are non-telescopic reach arm mower models designed for professionals. They are characterized by a solid construction and high-quality components from renowned manufacturers like Danfoss and Casappa. The KR-600 POWER (68HP) is the most powerful 6-meter reach arm mower on the market, ideal for working in challenging conditions.

Technical Specifications and Additional Options of the KR Reach Arm Mower

The KR reach arm mower offers a range of specifications and options, including:

  • Support legs and a high-performance oil cooler with a thermostat, free start-up not overloading the tractor’s electrics, and a cleaning reverse rotation.
  • A set of road lights and a reinforced structure.
  • The ability to park the tractor without dismounting the arm. The transport height is less than 3m, an important parameter for the safety of both the machine and the tractor.
  • Camera option with Vision system for better operator visibility.
  • Two independent power systems and an option for electrical control.


The KR reach arm mower from Rolmex is an advanced, versatile device that meets the highest standards in the municipal machinery industry. With its versatility, efficiency, and reliability, it is the ideal choice for professionals looking for an effective solution for maintaining green and roadside areas.



Max. reach of the arm 5.2 m2
Power 68 HP
Required power 110 HP
Minimum width 210 cm
Minimum weight 4500 kg


Max. reach of the arm 6.2 m2
Power 68 HP
Required power 110 HP
Minimum width 220 cm
Minimum weight 4500 kg